Miss 3DPerversion of the month

I have started a game in my Patreon page:

Every month, I will open a box from the dungeon and introduce Patrons to a kidnapped woman. She is ready to be enslaved, tortured, raped, humiliated... murdered. Anything you want.

The $10 patrons can then vote and decide what we will do with this slave woman. They can post their comments on the image with their ideas or vote for the ideas of another patron. At the end of the month, I will count and see what is the most voted fantasy. If there is a tie, I will randomly decide which is the winning fantasy.

Then I will make a serie of at least 10 images with the woman and the most voted fantasy to publish it the following month. She will be the "Miss 3DPerversion" of the month.

I hope you like the idea. This is the first victim. Her name is Laeti. We kidnapped her coming back from a wedding and she is crying and screaming desperate, scared by what we are going to do to her.

What would you do to Laeti if she were your sex slave?. Post your fantasies in my Patreon page and, if you win, I will do that images. (Please, remember only $10 patrons can vote)


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